Is it an act ladies? Are you a professional balancer or do you simply wake every day with a distinct drive, power and mission to live a life you actually love? In my head, I’m just like the amazing and beautiful balancing-act-scene-3take-39-1young gymnast Gabby Douglas on those beams, flying through connecting on each bar, flipping, doing handstands, tumbling and ending gracefully with perfect poise. LOL! That’s what it looks like to some people on the outside.

People have said to me, “I don’t know how you do it” or “You know, you don’t have to do it all, don’t you?”, and “don’t you wish you had help?” I know they didn’t mean any harm.

Well, by “GOD’s Grace, I’m able”, I say and truly believe. I choose to do exactly what I’m doing and I’m grateful for the help that I do have! Thank you and please don’t speak any desire into my life unless it’s of INCREASE.

As women, we have been told to feel guilty about wanting more. That stop’s right here. There are no limits. We can have it all and should not feel guilty about pursuing our passions and dreams. As a mother, I used to feel like I had to put everything on the back burner for my family (which I have done and don’t regret) but I’ve realized the opposite now. I really don’t have the luxury of putting my goals on the back burner because in the end, I suffer and my family suffers.  I decided that it was not acceptable to have a family settle for mediocre me, working 9-5 me or, the me that follows someone else’s traditions or ideas of just being a wife and mother.  I don’t say “just” to diminish or demean the amazing role that I have, not at all – I’m so blessed and because of my family, I’m a super BOSS at home and I’m an UBER BOSS outside of home. My life has been enriched and blessed tremendously and I thank GOD for choosing them for me and me for them.  What I’m saying though is that, if I were to follow the traditions or advice of others, my family and I would end up with a bitter-angry-resentful me.  I decided that I could hold my family down and pursue my dreams and desires as well, and, at the same time. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No limits! No set rules! No script that I need to follow. I can simply do what I’m called to do and for me, that’s sharing a little bit more of me with the rest of the world (sounds crazy right? I know; however, my passion for helping others is where my business comes in to play).

Do I balance it all? I’m not sure but I can tell you that my waking moments after I’m filled with air in my lungs and motion in my body include prayer and a motivational power talk with myself, ending in “now let’s GO BE GREAT!”  My goals are to make sure my family have what they need, that I’m doing my absolutely best in my chosen 9 -5, that I’m putting in my absolute best in my business and helping at least one other person or business, that my family’s legacy goals are being met and that everything I’m doing aligns with those goals, that I’m making time for me and that I’m still connecting with loved ones and the rest of the world, giving just a little bit more of me… oh, and that I’m looking and smelling good tooJ

Every day, I’m fulfilled and appreciate that GOD gave me the family that I asked for and that I have the opportunities to affect their lives… some days I’m tired, on occasion I totally screw up, my hair is crazy, I’m crazy, the kitchen doesn’t get cleaned and toys aren’t put away, I don’t get that 1:1 time that hubby and I deserve, heck, I forget to check homework and make sure the kids are prepped for school the night before but…

I’m so humbled by my daily accomplishments, for each day that I’m able to LIVE and that with each nights hugs and kisses, I’ve given my all, I’m still loved, inspired and excited about the next day’s adventure.  Oh yes, the adventurous life of Robin Pitts, my life, book coming soon but in my 39 years of living, no one has ever said it would be easy — and, for the record it hasn’t been, but because of the support system I’ve been blessed with and my drive and commitment to beat the odds and live a life that I can be proud of, I go into each day ready to embrace what comes my way.  I made the choice to take control of my life, my destiny and make the best of everything! I don’t wait for anyone to give me anything, to give me an opportunity. I don’t complain about what I feel like someone else should be doing, nor do I succumb to many of the daggers and road blocks that have and continue to be thrown my way. Instead, I fight! I wake with faith and a desire to be better today than I was yesterday and then I get out there and GO and I know so many other fierce women who do the same and wouldn’t have it any other way. WHATEVER WE SET OUT TO DO, WE MAKE THINGS HAPPEN AND FOR SOME, IT’S BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

What are you “balancing” or holding down? If you’re not currently feeling like you have it all together but you want to get there, or you have goals, passions, dreams and desires, what’s holding you back? You don’t have to have “it” all together either but do you have a life plan? Do you know that you have greatness inside of you? Do you know that you have purpose? More importantly, what do you already know that you can/should be doing about it? It’s my passion and personal dream to see everyone succeed in life. Feel free to connect with me.  I’d love to chat with you!

Peace & Blessings,


Are you a passionate Mompreneur, Entrepreneur, executive or administrative professional who needs help building your business or career profile? I’m devoted to consulting businesses on administrative strategies to help them run more effective and efficiently and to coaching women and Mompreneurs to their GREATER existence. Feel free to connect with me by email or @TheDivineExec on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest or Twitter for empowerment, inspiration, tips and tools! 

Everything YOU want is on the other side of fear

facebook-postWhat exactly are you afraid of?

Failing? Making a mistake? Getting something wrong? Offending someone? Leaving someone out? Losing? Speaking publicly? Sounding stupid? Everyone staring at you? People not liking you? Criticism?

STOP. Been there. Done that. No matter what you do, there will always be some form of humanness (error). We are simply not wired for perfection but… live! Live the life you were created to live.

Please let go of that FEAR because that’s all that it is!  You’ve somehow bottled up that nasty thing that we all have inside of us but YOU my friend haven’t released it back to its rightful owner.  There’s something amazing inside of YOU that hasn’t been tapped in to yet and it’s waiting on YOU! GIVE IT BACK! RETURN TO SENDER. Fear is not permanent. In fact, it has already given you the permission to let it go. Fear (also known as doubt) really wants you to step up and take your life by the reins. One step at a time. One day at a time. You can do it.

You have a purpose. Open yourself up and unwrap the beautiful gift of YOU. When you do, you’ll see the entire world start to open up to you! Your social life, your relationships, your finances, your career options and more.

Close your eyes (or don’t) and picture yourself exactly where you want to be, doing what you’ve dreamed of doing. Envision that you’ve given that thing your ALL, plus some and you succeeded…  Ahhhhhh….

Peace & Blessings,


Are you a passionate Mompreneur, Entrepreneur, executive or administrative professional who needs help building your business or career profile? I’m devoted to consulting businesses on administrative strategies to help them run more effective and efficiently and to coaching women and Mompreneurs to their GREATER existence. Feel free to connect with me by email or @TheDivineExec on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest or Twitter for empowerment, inspiration, tips and tools! 

Who wants to play administrivia?

image1 (2)Do you need administrative support but can’t quite justify hiring an administrative or executive assistant? Are you constantly thinking or even worse, worrying with the “I don’t have time!” syndrome? Most business owners and independent professionals can’t fathom the thought of hiring help… and we get it. Almost. The many costs associated with hiring, training and housing employees add up to most making the decision to just do EVERYTHING themselves. That includes taking work home with you to do over dinner or while in bed. I have been there and know it’s not fun, wise, or healthy.  You don’t have to though. So your budget doesn’t support hiring. Ok. There are many options available and one in particular is where Divine Executive Solutions LLC comes in. The owner is a consultant and administrative expert with over 18 years of professional administrative and operations experience.  A few credits shy of receiving her degree and plans to attend law school, she shifted gears and decided to chart her own course doing what she loves and what she knows is an essential need.  “It is my passion and joy to help business owners, professionals and lawyers find more time to do the strategic and income generating tasks that they should be doing”, says Robin Pitts.

Administrative consultants are trained administrative experts who have served as high level executive assistants in most scenarios, who have the skills, knowledge and resources that can save you time and money.  You do not pay for their office space, technology or other overhead (roughly $30,000 per year).  You don’t have to worry about training, payroll and benefits, etc. (roughly $80,000 per year based on a $60,000 salary).  You pay for the value they bring and the ROI will be incredible, helping your bottom line and reputation.  Think of it this way – what’s the trade off in doing all of your administrative tasks?  Add up the amount of hours you spend completing administrative tasks and multiply that by your hourly rate.  Compare that to the new client or business you could have gained during that time.  Did you lose or gain? What’s the one task that takes up your time that you would love to give up in order to free you up to do what you love? Hopefully you get the drift and will at least look into getting yourself the support you need.  After all, the administrivia is the life line of your business.

It’s 2016 and the ways in which we do business continue to vastly change.  Connect with DES LLC to see how you can begin positioning yourself and/or your business for growth and sustainability.  We’d love to get the conversation started.

Peace & Blessings,


Are you a passionate Mompreneur, Entrepreneur, executive or administrative professional who needs help building your business or career profile? I’m devoted to consulting businesses on administrative strategies to help them run more effective and efficiently and to coaching women and Mompreneurs to their GREATER existence. Feel free to connect with me by email or @TheDivineExec on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest or Twitter for empowerment, inspiration, tips and tools! 

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

t_283Before we travel out of state or out of the country, what is one thing we all do (or should do)? We look at the weather forecast, at least I do.  We look ahead and make a plan based on what the weather forecaster told us to expect. We pack extra sets of clothing, shoes, accessories etc. based on what we’re told, trying to be as prepared as possible for the rain, snow or storm. History and past weather experience may also inform us per se; it’s rainy pretty much every Memorial Day in my hometown, Milwaukee, WI (although, it was unexpectedly sunny and dry this year).  Anyway, in life, while it’s hard to predict essentially anything, we have the power to use our experiences, successes, failures, lessons to help inform our future.  To look ahead at our life – hopefully looking at it with another lens or perspective.  Based on what was, what currently is and what we want or think the future COULD BE. It’s up to each of us to design, create and make things happen.

As a spiritual person, I do believe that a plan is already designed by our Creator; however, I also believe that we were given the necessary tools to create our future. We weren’t created to merely exist and wait on life to happen to us. We have a responsibility to take action. To think, to research, to prepare, plan and act.  The quote from Peter Drucker inspires me daily to create, to innovate, to write the chapters in my story and mark my path!

What future will you create?

Peace & Blessings,


Are you a passionate Mompreneur, Entrepreneur, executive or administrative professional who needs help building your business or career profile? I’m devoted to consulting businesses on administrative strategies to help them run more effective and efficiently and to coaching women and Mompreneurs to their GREATER existence. Feel free to connect with me by email or @TheDivineExec on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest or Twitter for empowerment, inspiration, tips and tools! 

10 Reasons Why You Need To Say YES To YOU!


  1. Because GOD said so – you are here by divine order and have purpose. What are you doing to unearth it though? It’s time to step up and into what God told you to do instead of watching everyone else succeed and do what they love. What is it that you’ve always wanted to do and why haven’t you started? Find your purpose and love what you do or don’t do it.
  2. If you don’t, who will? No one! Simple as that. You are supposed to take care of YOU.
  3. You were born for GREATNESS so why aren’t you living up to your full potential? Are you just surviving? Barely? It’s time to thrive and unleash the winner in you. So…what do you need to do first? What do you need to let go of? What do you need to stop doing or do more of? Write it down and go to work on the most important thing. YOU.
  4. To fulfill that gut wrenching passion! You are talented. You have a special gift doing something that doesn’t come easy to others. It’s time to do this thing! Perfect it, package it up and share it (sell it, give it, teach it) with the world! You may have tried and failed in the past but don’t give up. Sometimes you’ve got to lose or fail to win and succeed.
  5. It’s time – you know it so stop procrastinating and making excuses. Nothing but time has continued to pass since you first got the idea, the thought, the inspiration. Now you’re 10 years older and lets be honest… You’re not getting any younger. Start now. Work on it, one day at a time then look back a year from today and smile at your progress!
  6. To leave a legacy. What mark are you leaving on the world? Think about it.
  7. Time waits for no one so make the best of everyday. There will be love, loss, success, failure, joy, pain. This is the part of life and there’s no getting away from it. Accept each experience as a life lesson. Something you were to get something out of to help you or to share and help someone else. Don’t stand still. The world is moving vastly around you. Don’t live in regret another minute.
  8. The people in your life will be better for it! You’re “every” woman/man to some of everybody and when you get home, you crumble. You’re not your best self because you’ve given up all of you to others and no one is pouring back into you (heck, neither are you).  How can you really give your best self to your loved ones when you have not invested in you? You must refill your own cup. Take a week, a day or even just a few hours if that’s all you have, to regularly pour back into YOU.
  9. The universe is waiting to receive you – you have a unique story. A testimony. You are YOU and no one else has the luxury of this gift. Step out and share. You’re an inspiration to others; you just don’t know it yet. Somebody is already rooting for you.  Tell your story of how you overcame obstacles and beat the odds.  It’s so important for others to hear.  In your sharing, not only can you help someone, you’ll continue your healing and growth.
  10. You are loved. Remember that and increase the love in you and around you. Lose the negative people, habits or things in your life that contradict this.

Peace & Blessings,


Are you a passionate Mompreneur, Entrepreneur, executive or administrative professional who needs help building your business or career profile? I’m devoted to consulting businesses on administrative strategies to help them run more effective and efficiently and to coaching women and Mompreneurs to their GREATER existence. Feel free to connect with me by email or @TheDivineExec on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest or Twitter for empowerment, inspiration, tips and tools! 


100 Ways to Market Your Online Business For Free

designWe’re not all marketing pro’s but if we want to grow our business, we must invest! That doesn’t always mean breaking the bank either. You can get the job done effectively by investing your time and focusing on your audience – with or without a budget.  Here’s a list that I found of 100 ways to market your business.

1) Understand Your Audience

Regardless of your budget, understanding your audience is at the core of being able to market your business so that you attract the right audience.

2) Blog, Blog, Blog

Your blog is the base from which all action should take place. It doesn’t matter whether or not you pay for your blog; everything you do should be on your blog before you post it anywhere else.

3) Facebook Pages Are a Must

Sign up for a Facebook Page for your business, then announce every new blog post, every new bit of information on that page, always linking back to your blog in the process.

4) Set up a Pinterest Account

Pinterest is hot right now. If you can find a way to incorporate pictures for each new blog post, you can promote yourself on Pinterest.

5) Set Up a Well-Made Profile

Set up your profile and fill it out completely. Seek to improve it at all times, cross-pollinate information from your blog to Ask people to recommend you and endorse you. Do the same for others.

6) Use Often

Twitter is a social network in which you can post short 140 character updates often, throughout the day, without irritating others like you might by doing the same thing on Facebook. Use it often to remind people about your blog.

7) Join Yahoo Groups

There are literally thousands of Yahoo Groups that you can join. Join groups that are comprised of your ideal audience members.

8) Use Craigslist to Post Ads

Using a verified email account you can post ads for your business. Choose the right category for your business. Posting between 4pm and 9pm is the best, according to Craigslist.

9) Make Smart Forum Comments

Find forums where your audience participates and make smart comments that show your knowledge about the topic, letting your signature line speak for itself.

10) Use Local Media to Get the Word Out

Most of the time local media can’t find enough stories. Be a story – send them a press release about your business and they’ll be glad to cover a local success story.

11) Utilize Free Directory Listings

There are directories all over the Internet; use them to list your products and services.

12) Use Your Website

Your website is already in place, so use it to its full potential by ensuring that it properly represents your business in full.

13) Become the Expert

People like listening to experts, so become the go-to expert in your niche. Before you know it more people will come to you and ask you more questions, which you can use for more blog posts, and to create new products.

14) Get Involved in Your Community

It will cost you time, and perhaps gas money, but the more involved you are with your local community, the more business you’ll get.

15) Write Guest Blog Post

Find niche sites that speak to your audience and offer to write original blog posts for them on a regular basis. All you need in return is a link to your site in your bio.

16) Publish a Kindle Book

Kindle makes it simple to publish, compile and edit your old blog posts into an eBook for your audience. Give it away free or sell it for 99 cents.

17) Ask Colleagues to Review Your Products/Services/Books

When you produce something new, always ask others to review it for you on their blogs and websites.

18) Have a Contest

Use your blog, social media, and/or to promote a contest with the prize being free product. Get people to vote on the winner, which will encourage sharing among the participants.

19) Give Away Free Reports

“Free” can be worth a lot these days. Create a great report – such as an overview of your niche – and give it away in exchange for email list sign-up.

20 ) Add Social Sharing to Your Website/Blog/Newsletter

Make it simple for other people to share your website, blog, or newsletter by adding social share buttons.

21) Do a Regular Q&A on Your Blog

Utilizing emails, questions found on forums, and other sources, create a weekly Q&A blog post. You can take just one question at a time and make an entire blog post built around it.

22) Repurpose Content into Video

Make your Q&A posts into a video, or make any past “how to” blog post into video. Sometimes people like to see things in other forms.

23) Host a Google+ Hangout On-air

Do your Q&A on Google+ Hangout On Air. Doing a live event can be scary, but it can also be a great way to get new connections.

24) Answer Questions on Google+

Search for and answer questions within your niche by people on Google+.

25) Answer Questions on Facebook

When someone asks a question you can answer on Facebook.

26) Answer Questions on Twitter

A lot of people will pose short questions on Twitter – be ready to answer them either in public or directly.

27) Use Quora to Build Your Business

Quora is a free service where you choose at least five topics and then contribute to questions and answers that are relevant to the topic.

28) Join Relevant Forums

Search for forums about your niche and join those where your audience participates. Then become the resident expert.

29) Join Groups on

Find groups of both your audience and direct competitors and join them on Do not self-promote, but be free and open with your answers and questions.

30) Create Your Own Groups on allows you to create your own groups, so create one in which you can pose and answer the questions you want to, as well as use to promote your blog.

31) Create Your Own Facebook Groups

On Facebook you can create many types of groups, both private and public. Create both so that you can converse with your audience and colleagues.

32) Join Groups on Facebook

Find groups on Facebook that are both networking and marketing worthy. Join them, and participate actively.

33) Upload Videos to

Create videos and put them on, and also embed them into your website.

34) Spotlight Gurus in Your Niche

Create blog posts that spotlight gurus within your niche. When you mention someone, link to them as well. You might even end up with a comment from them, too.

35) Curate Other People’s Content

You don’t have to write all your own blog content, you can curate relevant content from others (as long as you link back to their content in full and only write a blurb about their content).

36) Interview Experts for a Podcast

You can use free services like Skype to record interviews as a podcast. Post them on your site and to iTunes.

37) Transcribe Expert Interviews into an eBook

Repurpose the expert interviews into an eBook. You can make individual eBooks, and then at the end of the year compile them all into a larger volume.

38) Transcribe Expert Interviews into a Blog Post

Likewise, you can transcribe all interviews into blog posts. Some people would rather read than listen. Give your audience options for how they can get your information.

39) Host a Round Table with Experts on Google+ Hangout On Air

Gather up some experts and host a round table on a popular topic. While you’re limited to the participants on the round table, the On Air part is unlimited.

40) Interview People via Skype One-on-One

Skype is a great way to record an interview both in video format and audio format, then later post that recording, your site, or in some other format.

41) Do a Weekly Expert Roundup on Your Blog

Do you know four or five experts? Ask them to participate in a weekly expert panel where everyone answers the same question.

42) Participate in Weekly Expert Roundups on Other People’s Blogs

Be the expert answering the questions for someone else’s weekly expert panel.

43) Check Your Email for Q&A Inspiration

If you’re stuck for things to say on your blog, look no further than your email for questions from your clients. You can take one question and turn it into a blog post.

44) Create a Survey with SurveyMonkey Post Everywhere

SurveyMonkey has a free version that you can use to do a survey of your audience. Facebook and are both good places to post your survey.

45) Create Follow Ups about the Survey

Use everything you do as blog fodder. Blog before, during and after any significant event, and include a survey.

46) Respond to all Comments on Your Blog

If someone comments on your blog posts, always comment back.

47) Respond to all Comments on All Social Media Accounts

If someone comments on any social media account on any post, try to comment back as often as you can.

48) Solicit Guest Blog Posts

Create some guidelines for guest blog posts on your own blog, and actively solicit guest posts from experts.

49) Offer Your Speaking Services Locally

It can be frightening to speak, but speaking locally can get you written up in the paper, and give you plenty of blogging material.

50) Become a Source to the Press

Whether local or national, becoming a source to the press can get you free media coverage. Check out HARO for more information.

51) Volunteer Yourself & Any Member of your Company as Expert Panelists

Don’t just do everything yourself. If you have a staff, or use contractors, let them also participate in expert panels on your company’s behalf (subject to your supervision, of course).

52) Donate a Large Amount to a Charity Your Audience Cares About

This doesn’t seem free, but add some amount to the price of your products and services so that you can give 10 percent annually to a charity of your choice. Write press releases about it and blog about it.

53) Let Your Audience Vote on the Charity to Donate to

Make it more of a big deal by having your audience vote on which charity will benefit, starting three months before the donation.

54) Submit Press Releases for All Your Newsworthy Activities

If you’re not submitting a press release each month, you’re not doing enough.

55) Organize Local Meetings & Roundtables

Local events can get you some online link love. Everyone who goes to the event will blog about it, and of course you will too. And, there’s that press release you can prepare and submit.

56) Go to Local Meet up Events

Join and find local events to attend. You can become recognized as an expert just by attending and interjecting your knowledge.

57) Offer Testimonials for Vendors or Colleagues

When you post a testimonial, you usually get a nice link back to your site; sometimes you get your picture published too.

58) Ask for Endorsements & Testimonials

Likewise, getting endorsements and testimonials is a good way to boost your business.

59) Create a Free Mobile App

There are some free apps that you can brand for yourself and offer to your audience. It’s a great way to brand your business.

60) Give Loyalty Discounts to Customers

Seeing special offers and sales that available only to new customers can be rough on current customers, so why not offer them loyalty discounts for sticking with you?

61) Respond to Complaints Immediately

When someone complains, never ignore it; deal with it immediately in a way that feels like a win for the customer.

62) Use to Market Your Business

You can open a free account, which is limited, but provides you with a good start. It’s a great way to share your knowledge.

63) Create a Free How to Webinar or Video

By using Google Hangout or other Webinar Software such as Any Meeting you can teach others how to do something in which you’re an expert.

64) Give Awards for People in Your Industry

As a known expert you can create an award, make a widget, and give out the award yearly to someone who stands out in your industry or niche.

65) Ask for Sponsors for Events

Want to host an event but have no cash? Ask for sponsors. Often if you get sponsors you’ll not only be able to put on an event that’s free for participants, but you’ll also come out with a profit.

66) Publish an e-newsletter

An e-Newsletter is a little different from your basic email list. This is a planned periodic newsletter that you can even sell advertisements in.

67) Offer a Free eCourse on Your Topic

You can do this easily by email using technology you already have such as Or if you don’t have that yet, you can use, which is free up to 500 subscribers.

68) Send Thank You Email for Purchases with an Upsell

Don’t miss out on opportunities to upsell when someone buys something. Your thank you page or thank you email is the perfect place to pitch a discount on another item, or even promote an affiliate product or service.

69) Use Affiliate Marketers

By creating an affiliate program you create an army of marketers who can help your website rank higher on Google Search. Plus, you’ll make more sales.

70) Freely Help Others

Always be ready to help others online and offline. It’ll pay you back in more ways than you can imagine.

71) Use Article Marketing

Article marketing is not dead. You can still find reputable places to post your articles.

72) Build Up Your Google+ Page

Keep filling out and building up your Google+ page. The more your profile is perfected, and the more you perfect anything related to Google, the higher you’re going to rank in their search engine results pages.

73) Set up Webmaster Accounts with Google, Bing & Yahoo

Webmaster accounts are yet another link back to your site. Plus, the information you can learn from each is invaluable for you to boost your page rank.

74) Use SEO on Every Page of Your Site

On page SEO refers to everything you do on every page of your website in order to help search engines find your site and rank it. Don’t overlook the importance of this.

75) Use Off Page SEO

Off page SEO refers to everything you do to promote your website off your site, such as participating in social media, article marketing and so forth.

76) Make Movies or Slideshows of Your Products & Services

Movies and slideshows are a great way to showcase your products & services. People like to see what they’re getting.

77) Attend Networking Events Often

Whether online or offline, networking events can boost your business awareness exponentially.

78) Keep Building Your List of Referrals & Keep in Touch

Don’t just meet someone and not connect. Connect on social media, connect in email and then keep those connections going.

79) Write Personalized Emails to Prospects

When you’ve met a promising prospect, drop them a personal note instead of a canned note. You’ll get a better response.

80) Contribute to Popular Industry Magazines

Industry publications, both online and offline, need contributors. It’ll only take some time to write them, and submit them, but the payoff is well worth it.

81) Become a Go-To Expert for the Press

Your local press needs people they can call on regularly for quotes. Be that person. Contact them anytime there is a story in your local paper with expert commentary. Before you know it, they’ll call on you.

82) Start a Weekly YouTube Show

Instead of just doing a random video, why not start a regular show. Ensure that it’s part of your niche and set up a regular schedule.

83) Start a Weekly Podcast

Guests or no guests, you probably have something to say about your topic that can be put in a weekly podcast.

84) Put Your URL on Everything

Social media profiles, bios, signature lines, business cards, your URL should be everywhere.

85) Submit Your Site to All Directories

Sure, your site will be picked up eventually, but why not submit it to them manually to hurry up the process.

86) Win Awards

If you find any contests to enter, do so, and then try to win. The more you win, the more you have to blog about, and the more people will see you as an expert.

87) Offer Excellent Customer Service

Remember that the word always gets out. If you provide excellent customer service (even if you make a mistake here and there) you’ll be seen more favorably. Do right by your customers.

88) Form a JV Partnership or Two

A joint venture partnership can expand awareness of your business, and encourage others to want to work with you too.

89) Use Free Services for Mini Sites like Google Sites, Weebly or Wix

If you have no money at all, you can still create a website with one of these services. It’s not recommended for long term, but it can do the job for the time being or for a limited-purpose site.

90) Grab Your Google Business Listing

Whether you have an online business or offline business, your Google Business Listing is important.

91) Grab Your Bing Business Listing

Same thing – the more search engines you’re listed with the better.

92) Grab Your Yelp! Business Listing

You don’t have to have a bricks and mortar business to be listed with Yelp!

93) Get Free Business Cards from

While not ideal, due to the Vistaprint ad on the back, this is an excellent way for you to get started marketing your business locally and in person without increasing your budget.

94) Encourage & Incentivize Word-of-Mouth

Ask friends, relatives, and customers to tell everyone they know about you and what you do. Give discounts or cash to those referrers when you get a paying client. This is a good use of those free business cards.

95) Utilize Your eMail Signature

Every single time you send out an email, it should include a signature that has links to your blog, social media sites, and a nice signature and tag line.

96) Ask Past Clients for Referrals

Past clients are a good source of testimonials and referrals, but they can’t provide these things if you don’t ask.

97) Offer Past Clients a Deal they Can’t Refuse

If you want your past clients to use you again, offer them a hefty discount to come back.

98) Offer Free Consultations

Every new customer should get at least a free 15 minute consultation. It will make them feel as if they can trust you more when they can talk to you.

99) Host a Big Event & Give Away Your Products & Services

Whether on Google+ or via a webinar, hosting a big event and then giving away a huge prize package consisting of your products and services will make waves.

100) Cross-Promote with Complementary Businesses

If you know businesses that already market to your audience, contact them and make a deal to cross-promote each other’s products and services. This works best if you both have affiliate programs.

Now these are some really great tips! If you’re not ready to tackle any of these on your own, I would love to work with you and get your business off to a running start! Ready, set, GO!

Peace & Blessings,


Are you a passionate Mompreneur, Entrepreneur, executive or administrative professional who needs help building your business or career profile? I’m devoted to consulting businesses on administrative strategies to help them run more effective and efficiently and to coaching women and Mompreneurs to their GREATER existence. Feel free to connect with me by email or @TheDivineExec on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest or Twitter for empowerment, inspiration, tips and tools! 


6 reasons Why Recruiters/Hiring Managers/Business Owners are Tossing Out Your Resume

  1. Format. Did you take the time out to make it look clean, aligned and professional? Is it typed from a typewriter or in an electronic word processed version that can be emailed? Does your name stand out? Did you use bullet points to highlight or is everything in paragraphs for us to read through?
  2. Misspelled words. There’s simply no excuse for this. This is our first and last impression of you.
  3. Employment dates missing. We want to know when you worked and if you’re currently employed. Is your experience from 1995? Are there gaps? Have you hopped around from job to job? These are questions you’ll need to be prepared to answer but we prefer seeing dates upfront.
  4. Accomplishments aren’t listed. We want to know the value you bring. What you can do for us?
  5. Is this a job description or resume? It looks like a job description with all of your duties and responsibilities listed. What sets you apart from the rest? What about the challenges you’ve faced or successes you’ve achieved? We want to see highlights and glimpses into what you bring to the table.
  6. Objective statement is generic. It’s also all over the place and lists your desire to apply for a specific job; not the job you’re applying for though…

The resources available online to help you are endless. Your resume tells a story about you and is what gets you on the phone and in the front door. Don’t be left on the outskirts for something as basic but important as your resume! Your brand! Let the quality product of your resume first speak for you.

Email your resume to me for a complimentary review.

Peace & Blessings,


Are you a passionate Mompreneur, Entrepreneur, executive or administrative professional who needs help building your business or career profile? I’m devoted to consulting businesses on administrative strategies to help them run more effective and efficiently and to coaching women and Mompreneurs to their GREATER existence. Feel free to connect with me by email or @TheDivineExec on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest or Twitter for empowerment, inspiration, tips and tools! 

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