Credit Empowerment

If you have less than perfect credit, our mission is to empower you to start optimizing your credit power, and positively influencing your credit scores by utilizing the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and other resources to guide and protect you.  You are not your credit score, and it’s time to go after everything they said you couldn’t have. Having EXCELLENT CREDIT is an essential path that will lead you there. The Divine Credit guide, and consulting services are designed to return your credit to its rightful place by helping you ensure 100% accuracy to your reports, and boosting your credit profile with positive reporting information.

Credit Repair Guide

This educational guide is designed to help you increase your credit score and is packed with proven tools, information, and actionable steps to help you repair your credit profile, and credit worthiness as they call it! Dispute letters, and other letter templates, credit booster tips, and useful instructions included.

Credit Consulting

For the busy individual, we’ll analyze your reports and provide a consultation call with suggested next steps. To get started, you’ll need to complete the enrollment application, sign-up for a credit monitoring program – we recommend Credit Check Total and send us your log-in details so we may access your three credit reports, or email copies to This step must be completed before the consultation call is scheduled. A Terms of Service Agreement will also be sent to you for completion prior to our call.

*Enrollment Application – Credit Empowerment Consulting Services*

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