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From Receptionist to Founder and Chief Executive Officer, I’ve learned a few lessons along my journey that I wish someone would have just taught me but I’m truly grateful for my experiences. I’ve gained the clarity and confidence needed to start building my life on my terms, and it’s one of my passions to help other women do the same.

I founded Divine Executive Solutions LLC (“DES LLC”) to help improve, and make life, and executing business simpler.  I know the stress and worry that many entrepreneurs and executives have due to a lack of time, top talent, and resources.  I answer that problem by planning, and executing for you through Administrative Consulting, a corporate solution for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Leave the administrative details to the experts, and start delegating today.

Are you struggling or stuck in an area of your life that is preventing you from your breakthrough, and finding your purpose? Are you ready to get to the next level in your career? Get unstuck and reposition yourself from living in the struggle to being empowered to live the life you desire! Through CoachingI give my clients clear and actionable steps to help you go from good to EXTRAORDINAIRE and achieve the success they want.

Are you struggling, stagnant or stuck, or just ready to get to the next level? Let’s talk!

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