“Listen Linda!” Get Out of Your Own Head and STOP Blocking your Blessings

I’ve had my business in my head for 10 years. I was in my 20’s. Wow! I would have my millions by now had I just went with it right?! That’s one way to think of it but my truth is that I didn’t think my idea was brilliant enough, cool enough, could help enough…Continue reading ““Listen Linda!” Get Out of Your Own Head and STOP Blocking your Blessings”


Is it an act ladies? Are you a professional balancer or do you simply wake every day with a distinct drive, power and mission to live a life you actually love? In my head, I’m just like the amazing and beautiful young gymnast Gabby Douglas on those beams, flying through connecting on each bar, flipping,Continue reading “BALANCING ACT: TAKE 39”

Everything YOU want is on the other side of fear

What exactly are you afraid of? Failing? Making a mistake? Getting something wrong? Offending someone? Leaving someone out? Losing? Speaking publicly? Sounding stupid? Everyone staring at you? People not liking you? Criticism? STOP. Been there. Done that. No matter what you do, there will always be some form of humanness (error). We are simply not wiredContinue reading “Everything YOU want is on the other side of fear”